What will your life look like in 5 to 10 years?

Hello there smart-drinkers, your healthy bartender here!
Ahh Thursday, Mixology Day, and what a beautiful day it is. Today is 18′ F with a wind gust of 50 mph, a perfect day for a walk on the beach with my dog.
No, actually, I am all cozied on up in my new apartment in Brooklyn, NY. As I stare out my window thinking of what to write I am joined by the sight of a beautiful brick wall but don’t let my sarcasm fool you, there are some sexy-ass bricks in that bad boy.
So, in honor of my one day a week which I do all things Mixology, I have a couple things planned for us. Right now it is about 10:30am so first I am going to finish this blog prose and share with you a piece I wrote before the summer of 2016, more specifically, two weeks before I won that Staten Island Advance Mixology Competition. This piece reminded me why I won, sheer brutal and relentless focus.
Afterwards, I am going to put on my Maker’s Mark Apron and get to work in the kitchen. I am thinking of playing around with White Chocolate and Papaya, probably going to be a disaster!
I’ll post what I concoct on my Instagram later so you all can see the final product, be fore-warned that it may have no papaya in it.
Just FYI before going any further –> the reason I wrote this piece below was to be accepted to a program I spoke about it a previous blog. Enjoy the tenacity below but please make sure not to take anything too literal, a lot of my readers tend to. I fear they will lose out on potential inspiration.
What will your life look like in 5 to 10 years?
   I used to be a fan of this question but ever since I have found that focusing on immediate goals made me happier and more successful I no longer appreciate this question as I don’t see it as very helpful. Instead, I like to answer, what is my plan going forward? Hmm, well now that you are curious, I will tell you.
   In short, my plans today consist of going to law school, launching my first online business, starting a YouTube channel, and winning my first bartending competition. My first competition is in two weeks actually, wish me luck. All of these I plan to start within five years but we all know how life can surprise you; As humans we often think of things in terms of black and white but the other colors on the spectrum like to show up when we least expect them to.
I’ve learned to neglect (yes, be ignorant towards) anything that is not black and white because no matter what I do those other colors will always be there at my disposal. Is that not the game of life, having the choices to take those other colors and use them when and how you see fit? Why waste my time anxious, overwhelmed, and in a constant state of fear? I ain’t got no time for that sh*t! Life is precious baby! I spend every minute striving, growing, and creating, I have not heard a good reason not to yet and until I do I will continue to mold myself into the perfect Joseph Philip Anthony OrganicBarman DareDevil Superman Rocket Savino I can.
   So, you want me to think about ten years into the future?! Are you nuts?! Com’on now.. Hope you don’t take offense to that, but it’s my life, and I’m going do what I want, when I want, and how I want, Cheers to that.
Cheers to the keyboard I wrote that on, jeez, angry excitement at its best. Well, yea, so law school didn’t happen. I did start a YouTube channel though but never followed through with it, remember Reall Investors, those of you that know me personally. Still working on Reall Investors but we are probably changing the name and starting over brand-wise; Got to make money somehow, this blog is just for fun =).
OrganicBarman 😉

Types of Bartenders : A Tales of the Cocktail Submission Essay

Hello there smart-drinkers, your healthy bartender here!
Been a while eh? Yea, I am still here. The OrganicBarman has been at a slower than normal pace lately, but slow and steady wins the race, does it not?
I am going to share with you now an essay I wrote a few months ago displaying my imagination as it pertains to the different types of bartenders in today’s bar-scene.
For those of you unfamiliar with Tales of the Cocktail, this is how their website describes it, “Founded in 2002, Tales of the Cocktail® has grown from a small gathering of cocktail lovers into the world’s premier cocktail festival. Each year the international spirits industry is welcomed to New Orleans for a week of seminars, tastings, networking events and much more. With 200+ annual events developed specifically for bartenders, distillers and other spirits professionals, Tales of the Cocktail® is the industry’s annual meeting place for the exchange of new ideas, products and techniques.”
I wrote the following essay for a chance to be accepted into the Cocktail Apprentice Program which provides a mentorship opportunity for bar-industry professionals like myself during the festival. Please enjoy the read, I had fun with this one.
Types of Bartenders : A Tales of the Cocktail Submission Essay
     The first thought that comes to mind is that Tales of the Cocktail attracts certain sets of individuals. These groups may not all have the same intentions. It is hard to escape my assumption of what you want me to say here so instead I will talk about a few of these groups and then tell you which one or two I would associate myself with. With the art of bartending changing so rapidly it is sometimes difficult to wrap one’s head around all the different types of professions within the industry because of the exponential expansion going on in the bar-world today. With a brief and fun recap, I think you will begin to understand my purpose for enrollment with Tales.
     Let us begin. Well, for one thing, you have the “Miami Hoppers”. These are the people that come to work and act like they are on vacation; they mix up some frozen cocktails before work to get a nice buzz going before shift, they actually hang out after work because they love their venue so darn much, and they need to be stationed at a place with good music because, well, music is god’s greatest gift. I have many friends that are Miami Hoppers. I argue these folks deserve respect, mainly because of their long hours and dangerous work conditions. Kudos to these people, I just hate hangovers way too much.
     Next up, we have the “Magicians”. These guys are all about the flair,  explosions, and FIRE! I love this group. The amount of practice these men and women put into the craft is what astonishes me most. I have yet to even master the art of juggling bottles myself. I bought those plastic bottles for practice flair, but I can only practice in the summer because of the weather. I do know some magic tricks though. On occasion I sometimes read someone’s mind or perform an illusion, but this type of sorcery is not my go to magic.
    Next, we have the “Beautiful Spy”. These bartenders are the ones only in it for the money. With that said, can you blame them? Sometimes that amount of cash can just get to you. But beware business owners, there is more to the spy that meets the eye. Why did you hire someone without passion in the first place? I would argue it might have been a mixture of these few things : charisma, beauty, or desperation. These bartenders may look good, have an incredible back-story, and be able to maintain a consistent confidence, but they cannot make a cocktail right for the life of them. These people may be efficient, but they certainly are not not effective.
     The last group I will discuss is the “Scientists”. These people are legendary. Every ounce is strictly measured, every move is robotic yet flowing, and each drink is made with intention; A purpose to show their customers what real hard-work and dedication looks like. If a customer doesn’t sense an overwhelming blissful satisfaction than the Scientist tests out other processes until they are satisfied. They understand that people have different tastebuds and each customer is a new experiment to test out their hypothesis. These people are the ones I emulate because they are very well respected in the industry.
     I am a mixture of all these types, some more, some less. I like to have a good time like the Miami Hoppers, just not all the time, business is business. I love creating illusions like the Magicians, POOF! O, and I just so happen to have strikingly good looks, charisma, and strong confidence like a Beautiful Spy, but in contrast my drinks are stellar because they are made with the mindset of a Scientist. I am unique. I am a bartender.
Hope everyone enjoyed that!
So, unfortunately I was not awarded a spot this year BUT coincidentally that same week was my cousin’s bachelor party in Kentucky (!) and we went on a bourbon tour <3.. but that story is for another post all-together haha!!!
OrganicBarman 😉

OrganicBarman Update – A Thank You

Hello there smart-drinkers, your healthy bartender here!

So today, I want to begin this post with a truth – It is hard for me to admit my faults. I have made promises to you all, and I am afraid I will not be able to keep them all. I understand now why some of my favorite artists, bands, and performers push back their album release dates or show-times for example. It seems we humans tend to overestimate our short-term abilities, at least I am not alone. I must also admit though, in contrast, I cannot believe it has been about a year since I started the #OrganicBarman, and even more surprising to me, I am in awe at my accomplishments in only one year! It seems that I, ironically, underestimated my long-term abilities.

As I grow each day, learning constantly, failing sporadically, but always moving forward – I have learned so much about myself. I really am happy.

Happiness does not appear spontaneously, as I once believed it to, that’s joy. Joy is attained from moment to moment: seeing the bright blue eyes on a newborn baby, scoring the winning basket, or eating a Twix bar on Halloween night. You see, in order to achieve true happiness, everlasting joy, one has to make a sacrifice. They must sacrifice themselves to the universe, their environment. They must drop all previously believed notions of what is the right or wrong thing to do and start from scratch, in other less dramatic words, they need to take a step back and evaluate themselves. Only under this condition can their environment begin to transform their mindset. Without the openness to accept the help of others, we are doomed to only experience joy.

I want to thank everyone in my life for continuing to care about me. Without feeling like part of a social family, like I fear many people in this world experience, the chances to overcome life’s obstacles diminishes. So right now, I am going to make you a promise I can definitely keep, but please be aware that this promise is only achievable with your help.

Ok, here goes,

I promise to always be there for you in spirit, regardless of how you interpret my physical nature, my intent is always and forever to help our connection grow stronger because I know you will always do the same for me.

Let’s have another great year!


thank you in calligraphy

thank you in calligraphy

Rose’s Lime Juice – The Ugly Truth

Hello there smart-drinkers, your healthy bartender here!

This week, we will dive into the dirty details of Rose’s Lime Juice, yummy…


Maybe you have seen it? If you haven’t, its most likely because you have never bartended before or because it is normally located underneath the bar or on the speed-rack out of a customers sight of view. If you have then you have either bartended before or one day you decided to make margaritas for a party you were hosting and the internet recipe you found said you needed lime juice, but conveniently the liquor store you went to had Rose’s Lime Juice right next to that crappy sour mix you also needed for your margarita.

If you’re a bartender than you most likely have worked with this product in the past decade or so. I used to work with it too, I think I still have a bottle of it in my basement-bar, untouched I might add, at least after I realized what I was putting into people’s bodies and my own. It used to be my go-to product for anything requiring that lime-citrus-goodness in a cocktail.

So, what is in it?

Well, lets begin with everyone’s favorite – High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Diabetes anyone? – Yep, check this out, you probably already know this, but in 2007 researchers found new evidence that soft drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may contribute to the development of diabetes. Yep, not good, and these researchers were part of The American Chemical Society (the world’s largest scientific society), a nonprofit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress! High Fructose Corn Syrup is also made generally from GMO corn according to my girlfriend FoodBabe. She does her homework, I respect her work.

So, what else is in it? How about some – Sodium Metabisulfite.

Listen to this, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) stated on their website that when someone swallows this chemical they should immediately seek medical attention! What the heck is this stuff?

Robin Wasserman, a biochemical patent agent and graduate of Harvard University, wrote an article published on LiveStrong.com regarding the properties of this chemical. According to her, it is used as a preservative in food, a product that aides in commercial wine making, serves as a bleaching agent in the textile, pulp and paper industries, is used in chemical, pharmaceutical, film and photographic industries, and water and sewage treatment plants. Bleaching agent caught my eye, if you ask me. Turns out ingesting high amounts of this chemical, almost reiterating what the CDC has said, may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains, circulatory disturbance and central nervous system depression! Um, no thank you. It is also part of the Sulfite family; When taking my Food Protection Course at the Health Department in NYC, I learned that sulfites are a direct cause of allergic reactions.

Next – Blue 1

This is a dye used to create that lime look(coloring), probably needed because of mixing all that other crap in it. This is what I found so far, “Although toxicology studies have demonstrated that Blue 1 is relatively safe, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and other advocacy organizations have long argued that it and other artificial colorings may be linked to attention deficit disorder (ADD).” It is true that today the FDA has approved this ingredient for consumption, yes, but It was not always like that. It seems they had a change of heart, “In 2003, when Brilliant Blue (Blue 1) was used as a dye in feeding tubes, the FDA issued a public health advisory because of side effects like blue-tinged skin, urine, and feces, as well as hypotension and death.” Look, enjoy it if you must, but I would rather not take the chance in the first place. Who honestly gives a shit about the color of lime juice anyway? I know bartenders like myself would never have cared if Rose’s Lime Juice was a tad bit lighter in complexion in the first place.

Next in line – Natural Flavors.

The FoodBabe wrote a wonderful piece in her blog about the increasing problem with Natural Flavors.

Lastly we have, dare I say it, finally – Lime Juice Concentrate & Water

It is about time I read something I wouldn’t mind putting in my body. Although, those limes should be Organic Limes 😉

And there you have it, a number of reasons why you should just make your own lime juice next time you want to make some Margaritas for guests. Also, next time you are out at a bar, ask the bartender if they squeeze their own lime juice, if they do, order a drink because that usually means they care about the products they put out.


OrganicBarman 😉

What Makes You Happy?

Hello there smart-drinkers, your healthy bartender here!

Real quick, lately I have been under some scrutiny for not using all organic ingredients in my drinks, I mean it is in my name right?  Before all the hate people, you must realize I do this for fun and not for perfection.  It is fun bringing joy to people’s lives.  If it is one thing I firmly believe in, it is that healthiness and happiness are positively correlated.  If it is one thing I aim to accomplish here, it is to change people’s perspective on alcohol consumption.  Please understand we do not live in a perfect world.  Not every single ingredient in my drinks can be organic, it is practically impossible to accomplish that.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to, but it is just not possible in my position, especially in America where everything in our supermarkets is processed =X.

I am glad this came up though because it got me thinking about my life, the bar business, and my purpose on social media.  Why do I do what I do?

Here is what I have come up with – At 22 years old, now a college graduate, I firmly believe that this summer has been my most productive and happiest one to date. I find that to be the case for many reasons.  For one thing, college has molded me, but not in the way my parents thought it would, or even how I thought it would. Instead, get this, college actually taught me how terrible it feels to fail, how easy it is to fail, and how often, in the right situation, hopelessness can occur.  More strikingly, college, more often for me in its last few semesters, reminded me that depression is a real thing.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing graduation felt.  It was then when I realized all of those other useful skills I garnered in college was now at my fingertips.  I could now take all of that and focus my attention on things in life I actually gave a crap about!!!

Things I actually give a sh*t about:

My Career

Girls and Sex



Social Media (.Me)




What happens when you die? – College did not allow me the time to contemplate the things that really mattered in life.  Are we alone in the universe? – For a while college held me back from finding out who I am, where I came from, and my purpose in the universe.  What is our reason for living? – Simply, college took over my life.  I was living in its realm of reality and not my own. — Weirdly enough though, I would not trade those four years for anything — Why you ask, I mean with all this negativity Joseph, how can you believe it to be a positive event?  Here is the deal y’all, college throws at you the widest array of human techniques, teachings, languages, and thought processes, all of this with the help of the world wide web of course (answers to everyday questions at your disposal), and when your intellectual mind is forcibly stimulated with so much diversity something just clicks.  For me it was the destruction of the American Wall, a theoretical cultural phenomenon which I found myself and those around me living behind, and in its place a Human Wall began to be built, but not before digging myself out of a trench of depression first.  More specifically, I am trying to describe the point in my college career, I forget exactly when, but during my final semesters, when I understood how to maintain and maximize my happiness.  I found myself saying no to certain practices and yes to others.  In other words, I learned how to balance out happiness and depression so I can avoid the latter.

But, what makes me happy?

Not Biology 103. Not Ms. I have a monotone and you are stuck with me for the next 5 months & definitely not calculus homework.

No, what makes me happy is making others happy.  Take this example, why am I in college in the first place?  Well, I am doing it for my family.  I am now the first one in my closest family to earn a college degree!  The look on their face after graduation made it all worth it.  My parents work so hard for me and my brother.  I see my dad and mom working, doing things that cause them stress on a daily basis and what am I doing – feeding off of them, watching House of Cards & wasting their energy bill.  All the luxuriousness in my life, one day, turned into a negative association.  One day eventually, and might I add, inevitably, I want to be so rich that they never have to work another day in their life.

Tough feat, I know, but why not aim high, this is America right?

Now, if someone cannot appreciate my mission as an individual well then I am afraid they have much to learn about the human condition.  They did not have that click go off like I did, and I fear these people live with anxiety.  I fear more for them because depression will hit them hard sooner or later and for some people it can be bad timing.  Some people are blinded by the “Walls” of their own cultures, not only in the U.S. but everywhere.  Unfortunately, our world is strictly divided.  More is to be done in order to bring the human race together, but the internet is one venue of positive unification, social media in particular.  Social Media lets individuals share who they are with others instantly.  I like to refer to social media as .Me, for obvious reasons.  Instagram, for example, allows me to illustrate to the world my own creativity as an individual.  I love Instagram simply because I get to see someone else’s .Me with the click of a button.  .Me is connecting everyone a little bit more than any other previous generation before.  Today, it is as if the world is getting smaller but possibilities are getting larger.

More access in our lives to the condition of more relativity comes with it greater responsibility.

My teachers at John Jay College, I would argue, recognized this.  They were relentless because they knew we had the tools for success, the internet.  The internet, though, is a distraction, at least it was for me.  With such power staring me in the face, I found myself procrastinating, whether this be with Netflix, Social Media, or Candy Crush.  Eventually, I would find myself falling behind so far after only one day of procrastinating that I would suffer anxiety for an entire week due to the excessive amount of workload my teachers gave me.  I’m sure many people reading this can relate.  Unfortunately, for me, sometimes depression followed.

Today, I look at depression in a different light.  Here me out when I say I am happy to have experienced depression.  You see, it was then when I first began to contemplate the really hard questions about life, the same ones I am asking myself again right now.

No, I am not depressed right now, so don’t worry.  Things are going well actually, the OrganicBarman is staying strong 😉 and, of course, productive.  Please stay tuned for more posts, I think the next few posts might be more educational, pertaining to the bar business.  I want to talk about Rose’ Lime Juice in a future post (yuck) =P

OrganicBarman 😉


Healthy Bartender

Hello there smart-drinkers, your healthy bartender here! It is time y’all!

Let the drink orders commence!!!  

I am finally beginning to take drink orders again for my Instagram page. This time around, things will be a little different, each drink will cost $99.99 — totally joking.  It is still Free as ever, Free, Free, Free, Free!!!

It is simple really, there are just 3 steps :

1) Follow or Friend Me on Social Media.

2) Make a Request to have a drink named in your honor –> Here are my contacts : 917-887-1320 or josephsavino54@gmail.com or just message me through social media =D

3) Lastly, Repost –> Just screenshot the drink I named after you and post to the social media of your choice, don’t forget to tag me in it! =D

…and that is it !!!

So Simple!

***One last thing – When you make a request, make sure to provide me with an ingredient, whether that be a liquor, a vegetable, or even Fire!!! – It can be anything! I love a challenge.

OrganicBarman 😉



Hello there smart-drinkers, your healthy bartender here!

Yesterday, June 15th, marked my first step into the professional world of bartending.

I attended my first ever USBG meeting, an abbreviation for United States Bartenders Guild.  To my surprise, the meeting took place at a speakeasy–I was trying to figure out why my GPS led me to a random coffee shop.

So, one day prior I received an email about a meeting taking place in Manhattan at a place called Bathtub Gin-(http://bathtubginnyc.com/).  I put it in my GPS and it led me in front of a small coffee shop called café.. something.. I forget.. But I asked the barista at the counter if he knew where I would find the bar and as soon I began with my question I heard something ‘clank’ – a familiar sound – it was the sound of a bottle tapping another – and then I heard voices, and as I listened closer the sounds grew louder.. That’s when I knew I was in the right place.  The barista answered my question with a confirmation of my speculation, he said something like, “you see that wall behind you, there is a latch next to the crack in the wall, pull up and pull out.” As I began to walk over the voices multiplied.  I did as he said and the wall opened up and on the other end of the wall-door was a room full of bartenders, my people alas.